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Burger Box Machine

Burger Box Machine Is An Ideal Equipment To Produce Paper Box Such As Hamburger Box, Chips Box, Fried Chicken Box, Kids Meal Box, Take away Box, Triangle Pizza Box, Etc.

High Machine configuration type

Carton forming machine is an ideal equipment for the production of carton boxes, such as hamburgers, french fries boxes, fried chicken boxes, children’s lunch boxes, take-out boxes, triangular pizza boxes, etc. The structure is sturdy, good quality, low noise, and high efficiency. It has a paper feeding unit, an adjustment unit, a water unit, a forming unit, a finished product collection unit and a counting unit.



Model ZX-1200
Paper Weight 200-620g
Speed 80-160pcs/min
Paper Thickness ≤1.6mm
Paper box size L:  100-450mm

W:  100-600mm

H:  15-200m

Glue material Water glue
Paper Size 650*480mm
Max Box Size 450mm*400mm
Min Box size 50mm*30mm
Air Pressure 2kg/cm²
Machine Size 3700*1350*1450mm
Voltage 380v/220v
Current 50hz
Total Power 3kw
Machine Weight 1700kg