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Food Box Machine

Food Box Machine is suitable for 3D carton forming, especially the carton of fast food industry, such as hamburger box, packing box and so on. Compared with the ordinary three-dimensional carton machine, the speed is fast, the feeding time is long, the collection of products, saving labor costs.



Model ZX-2000
Paper Weight 200-620g
Speed 70-90pcs/min(one station)
Material 200-620gsm

Corrugating paper thick:1.6mm


Box Size

Length L 100-450mm
Width W 100-600mm
Height H 15-200mm
Paper Thickness ≤1.6mm
Machine Size 2300*2200*2100mm
Take Away Box Max 530*530, Min 263*263
Burger Box Max 376*262, Min 250*140
Tray Box Max 290*210, Min 164*107
Voltage 380v/220v
Current 50hz
Power 6kw
Air Requirement 0.5Mpa, 0.4cube/min
Power Source 380V  50Hz
Size 2300*2200*2100mm
Weight 2300kg