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Model 1600 Transverse cutting machine (elevation type)

This machine applies to transverse cutting  for white board, grey board, ivory board, kraft  paper,  cast coating cardboard, speciality paper,aluminized paper and various coiling block material. Configuration  part  of  electrical equipment adopts international advanced industrial controller, color touch screen,transducer ,and servo motor drive. The complete machine has advanced control mode, which intensively controls the speed of host machine, electrical machine for material feeder to achieve synchronous operation. It has advantages  of  highly  accurate cutting little to waste ,fast speed,convenience for material loading,etc.


Model  (elevation type) FQN1600型
Cutting width(mm) 1600
Cutting length(mm) 1300
Paper-pilling height (mm) 1300
Cutting thickness(g) 60-500
Cutting speed(m/min) 90
Feeding diameter(mm) 1500
Total power(kw) 14
 Overall dimensions (L*W*H))