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Model YD1200/1300 Positioning Sheeter

Special for sheeting cardboard like the multi-lens sheet with sensor-mark for sheeting in position, cardboard for cigarette pack, cardboard of hologram/golden/silvery film laminated type, aluminum-foil laminated type, or cardboard for cosmetics pack.. A combination of hydraulic unwinding, auto tension control, auto stop while idle unwinding happens, auto on-line trimming in position, auto discharging, auto traction, auto alarm and stop while the limit of error allowance on sheet size breaks, sheeting angle adjustment, auto stacking, high-performance frequency-converting traction, high-accuracy synchronous servo feeding, and high-sensitivity German tracking and testing system for auto sensor tracking and registration for sheeting. Moreover, it features imported touch screen, high-accuracy synchrony controller, and high-efficiency PLC controller, ensuring the high-automation performance, easy operation, high precision for sheeting position, no scratching on sheet surface, and no trimming necessary after sheeting that’s suitable for direct printing after sheeting. Being so high in precision, easy in quality control and labor-saving, it’s the optimum choice for high-grade printing and packing business. 


1. Model: YD1200/1300

2. Max. Sheet Roll Dia.: 1600mm

3. Max. Sheet Roll Width: 300-1100mm /400-1200mm

4. Max. Gram-weight for Sheeting: 600gsm

5. Sheeting Accuracy: ±0.1mm

6. Sheeting Length: 400mm-1200mm

7. Stacking Height: 1300mm

8. Running Speed: 5-100m/min

9. Mechanical Sheeting Speed:  140Sheets/min

10. Pneumatic Pressure: 0.8MPa

11. Power Supply:  AC380V×50Hz

12. Total Power Consumption: 15KW

13. Machine Dimension (L X W X H): 11.2m×3.04m×2.4m      11.2m×3.14m×2.4m

Machine Weight: 7500Kg       8000Kg